As the General Contractor, our expertise includes antenna and cabling skills; civils, electrical work, structural steel fabrication and installation. In-house employees do all antenna and cabling work. Our employees are fully qualified climbers (Comtrain certified), with Wiltron testing skills (Anritsu certified), and connectorizing skills (RFS and Andrews certified) Our personnel know what to do, and how to do it Ö and they do it safely. The business started in construction, itís our oldest expertise.

The other skills are readily available to us through a network of Electrical, Steel, and Civil subs with whom we have worked over the last 7 years. We employ Cranes, Drillers, Concrete, Fence and Nursery subs as well. We have excellent relationships with these licensed tradesmen because we direct them carefully, audit their work, and we pay them promptly. Please see the attached list of subs and vendors.

We have the employees, the equipment, tools and expertise to build sites to customer specs on time. We have earned an excellent track record in full site construction, having constructed or expanded some 400 sites (including new build and expansions) to date for various carriers.


We install new, expand, and retrofit all type of sites including erection of monopoles and towers. We also perform RF testing of our sites and many times we also test other contractors sites. Test results are furnished via hard copy and email to the carrier within 24 hours. All cable and antenna personnel are employees of WIRELESS SITES NEW ENGLAND.

We have the required materials, tools, trucks, supplies and equipment in our inventory. All of our employees are both certified climbers and certified in connectors. We also have 5 employees skilled and certified in usage of Wiltron testing. All employees are required to undergo refresher courses annually. We also have a low employee turnover rate. Our employees tend to stay with our company; some are still here from our first day in business.


Our technicians are involved in a range of services for carriers. These individuals are exceptionally well educated, most from electronic trade schools, with degrees in the field or heavily experienced within the industry from the equipment or carrier side of the business.
Their expertise is deployed in a variety of tasks including original equipment installation assembly, configuration, troubleshooting and testing.

Some techs are expert at field installation, configuration, and troubleshooting systems. They are dispatched in company vehicles for both day and night-shift work.

Others of our techs are experts in radio installation, configuration and testing of equipment before it is delivered to the job site. This original equipment installation work is done at our location or at the carrierís location.

We track, record and maintain records of our techís productivity and quality to ensure maximum value for the customer. This is an area of expertise for which we have become well noted. All the techs are employees of WIRELESS SITES NEW ENGLAND


We also perform site audits of equipment as well as equipment performance and documentation of site antenna location (azimuths) for our customers. Usually these are large numbers of sites, which have to be completed within a short time frame prior to a site upgrade project the customer has in mind, or perhaps in anticipation of a regulatory requirement.

Sometimes the audit projects include documenting site conditions of safety or housekeeping. We take the open inventory of sites and handle both the administrative detail as well as the necessary field tasks, providing detailed periodic progress reports to the customer as we complete the work.
All the auditors are employees of WIRELESS SITES NEW ENGLAND


We also perform scheduled site maintenance for all the components of the site to include grounds, equipment, and structures. Starting with an audit checklist generated in cooperation with the carrier, we visit each site at scheduled intervals, and document our findings in weekly site reports and email photos to the customer.

Usually no repair or replacement work is done during an audit. Subsequent customer work orders are issued for the non-conforming equipment or conditions noted during the audit.


Working from customer verbal requests or written work orders, we dispatch our antenna and cabling crews to repair or replace defective equipment or correct defective conditions within 24 hours or less if required. Sometimes this work is also done at night, if required.


Our climbers test, record and document the performance of radio wave propagation at the site, from origin through antenna, utilizing our Wiltron test equipment. Where required, we will replace defective jumpers or connectors. We are exceptionally adept at this service. All the testers are employees of WIRELESS SITES NEW ENGLAND



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