John Alexander, President, is an up-from-the-ranks executive and former controller for a wireless construction competitor.  A graduate of Bryant University.

Luis Osorio, Field Manager, has 8 years of experience in the business.  With experience in all aspects of wireless communications system construction.  His earned reputation for consistently completing construction projects on time and his commitment to excellence are hallmarks of the quality of assignments performed by Wireless Sites.

Some Background......
What began as a race for cellular market share during the industry's boom in the late 1980s is now a competitive playing field, where the winners are those who can best provide the highest quality and reliable service.  We welcome your call to our customers, to learn about a company that was conceived, designed and started expressly to meet the specific needs of the industry and to provide full satisfaction.

How do we accomplish this?  The first step is to hire the right people, men and women who are fully educated with every mechanical, electrical and civil engineering skill needed to ensure excellence on a technical scale.

We also make sure that every member of our staff has "people skills":  The ability to interface well with customers, architects, subcontractors, consultants and others engaged in wireless site construction projects.  This means they pay attention, they respond quickly as possible with honest answers, and they position customer needs at the highest priority level, where they belong.


How We Operate....

Step 1: Customer Needs
First we make certain we understand the technical and timing requirements of our customer through plans, prints, site walks, shop drawings and discussion.

Step 2: Key Requirements
Next we isolate the key elements, focus on the critical aspects of the project, then use our critical path techniques to identify any blockages which may impede progress on the project.

Step 3: Resources
We next match project requirements to needed resources.  In addition to our workforce, we maintain a network of skilled specialists as subcontractors, plus vendors who know our standards and who have proven reliability in meeting those standards.

Step 4: The Plan
At this stage we prepare a construction plan for materials, manpower and special skills which are displayed against a time bar.  The project then is tracked daily with progress measured and reported.

Step 5: Execution
Now we make it happen, following the plan but fully prepared for the unexpected.  This is where we best shine.  Details - from aesthetics to symmetry, cable neatly run and freshly painted finishing - is our specialty.  And we're prepared for virtually every contingency, which we handle smoothly via swift communication between field operations and headquarters
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